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What is CanaRx? Watch videos below.

CanaRx/ MethuenMeds

Please be assured that there is no additional cost to you the employee or the City.  This is strictly an additional benefit to you and savings.   This is a voluntary program and not replacing your current prescription benefit plan.  So once again, if your medication is a brand name and is on the list, there is 0 copays.  Remember medications must be tried for 30 days before ordering through MethuenMeds.
So what do I have to do:
"        Check to see if your medication is on the list
"        Ask your doctor for a prescription for a 3 month supply with 3 refills.
"        Fill out the enrollment form and include a prescription for each medication
"        Any questions call 1-866-893-6337
Good Morning All Blue Cross Blue Shield City of Methuen Enrollees:
The City is always looking for ways to save you money!!  For that reason, we are pleased to announce that effective March 1st, 2015, eligible City of MethuenEmployees, Non Medicare Retirees and qualifying dependents will have the option of ordering select Brand Name maintenance medications at a $0 COPAYthrough the CanaRx program, MethuenMeds.
CanaRx programs offer a $0 COPAY to members, and reduced drug costs to plan holders, by taking advantage of prescription drug prices negotiated between most developed nations and the pharmaceutical companies.  CanaRx contracts government-licensed pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, all Tier-One countries, designated by Congress to have licensing and safety standards at least as strong as the United States, to supply Brand Name medications, packaged and sealed by the original manufacturer, for direct mail delivery to all participants.

(This is a voluntary program and not replacing your current prescription benefit plan.)

MethuenMeds offers:
(1) An easy enrollment and refill process
(2) Over 500 brand name medications at a $0 Copay
(3) No shipping and handling charges to participants!
For more information please call 1-866-893-6337 or visit the website:  www.MethuenMeds.com

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