Municipal Public Employee Coalition (MPEC)
The City of Methuen's Medical Insurance
What is MPEC?

MPEC is a negotiation team comprised of union presidents and chairpersons from throughout the City of Methuen. We meet on a monthly basis to negotiate the health insurance plan for Methuen employees. Scott Lever, the patrolman's union president is the president of the MPEC. Donna Gogas, the co-president of the Methuen Education Association is the vice-president of MPEC.

Components of Our Medical Insurance Plan

There are several components to help you mangage your health care and offer significant savings. The MPEC negotiates to provide you with the best health care plan at the most reasonable cost. This page presents the various programs we have.

The Wellness Program link on the left takes you to the "Did You Know" videos that members on the MPEC have recorded to share important information regarding your insurance plan.

Fitness Reimbursement Program is described on Borislow's Insurance Website: Username:   MethuenBen  Password:   Methuenempl1. The Borislow website has many documents and forms for every aspect of our plan.

Minute Clinics are a real cost savings for issues that are not life threatening.

CanaRx is a new program called MethuenMeds for those employees who must take Brand Name prescription drugs. The cost savings to the employee and the town can be huge. The number one factor that drives up our rate increases are prescription drugs.

Did You Know are videos that explain how our plan works, the benefits, and great tips!

Go to the Wellness page using the link to the left to view videos on these topics.

For further questions contact: Connie Sousa Employee Benefits Manager at (978) 983-8577 located at the Searles Building on the second floor next door to the conference room.

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