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The City of Methuen's Medical Insurance
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Here is an outline of the final decisions for the upcoming July 2016 renewal:

Medical – changes to the Blue Care Elect (PPO)
Changing office visit copay from $20 to $20 PCP and $35 Specialist
Changing RX copay from $10/$20 (mail order 2X copay) to $15/30/50 (mail order 2X copay)

Working rates to incorporate the above changes to the Blue Care Elect as well as the stop loss renewal at 50% increase will be:

Blue Care Elect (PPO)
Single:   $775.81
Family:  $1,936.68

HMO Blue NE Basic Copayment
Single:   $616.28
Family:  $1,539.57

Health Reimbursement Arrangement:
The coalition has agreed to the following break down of the deducltable:

$250 – City
$750 – Employee
$500 – City

$500 – City
$1500 – Employee
$1000 – City

The working rates are calling for a 4.4% increase.

Working rates effective July 2016
Single:   $50.38
Family: $130.55

July 2016 is a 2 year rate hold.  Next renewal will be July 2018

10 month rates:
Single:   $8.62
2 Per:    $17.24
Family: $27.74

12 month rates:
Single:  $7.18
2 Per:   $14.37
Family: $23.12

Flexible Spending Account:
Medical maximum will remain at $2,550
Dependent Care Maximum will remain at $5,000