Frequently Asked Questions

This page on this site is created for frequently asked general questions regarding the contract and your legal rights. It is not for personal specific questions about a situation you are facing. Topics will be maternity leave, evaluation, retirement, and the like.

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Maternity Leave

It begins with the birth of your child. Count eight full weeks from the birth.

       You must count those eight weeks as your maternity leave time. However, we do not get paid for   
        vacations. Therefore, your future pay checks will be based on the number of school days left of the    
        year then multiplied by your per diem rate.  (FYI: If your maternity leave is completely during
        summer vacation, no maternity leave can be applied for the next school year).

         If your doctor feels you are unable to return to work because you are still disabled due to the
         pregnancy and delivery, you can apply for an extended leave with  a medical doctor's note stating
         you are unable to work and an estimated time to return to work.

        If you do not have enough sick days, you may apply to the sick leave pool provided you have a
         medical doctor's note stating you are unable to work and an estimated time to return to work.
         However, please be advised that if you are still in Methuen at the end of your career, you make
         only apply for the first 100 sick leave buyback days.

          If you take your maternity leave without pay, you will lose the credible service time and have to
          make that time up at the end of your career and work longer to make up the days unworked. You
          must also pay for your medical insurance your portion and the city's as well as your union dues.
          Your union dues are prorated at a lower rate since you are not working.