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Welcome Back!

We hope that you have enjoyed your summer and are all rested up ready to go. This year poses its challenges to be sure but we are ready, willing, and able to meet those challenges.

This summer Carl and I along with Liz Conroy went to the MTA Summer Conference at Williams College. Carl attended the New Presidents' training, Liz Conroy, the Grievance training, and I attended the Education Policy training. It has helped us to learn about these areas of leadership and reflect on where we are, what the needs of the organization are, and where we need to go as we move forward to meeting these new challenges namely the evaluation tool and the negotiations of the DDMs (District Determined Measures).

This is, unquestionably, a very stressful time of year setting up your classrooms, preparing lessons, and just getting ready for the year ahead. We feel your stress and concerns and are prepared to assist you in any way necessary to ensure you are working in an environment where you can do your best work, educate your students.

Our primary goals this year include providing Executive Board training in several areas, such as Building Reps role under the MEA By-Laws, re-establishing our infrastructure and strengthening two-way communications with our membership.

To achieve these goals, your participation will be critical no matter how small a contribution you are able to give. This newsletter is the first step in requesting your help. There will be a September Newsletter in your mailboxes on Sept. 10 and a sign up sheet for committee members work. There are stipends available for your valuable time.

We hope you have a great year!
Carl and Donna

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